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5 Most Unusual Ways To Sell A Property

Selling a property can sometimes be a long process and can often take multiple people to achieve. The majority of people use an estate agents to help sell their home, being able to provide their expertise and knowing how to market properties.

However, not everyone likes to go down the conventional route. As you’ll see in the article below, some people like to use slightly most unusual ways to take matters into their own hands. Let’s look at a few.


To most people, Facebook is a huge social media platform that allows the user to keep in contact with friends and get updates from any pages they like or follow.

It’s something that a lot of people use every single day, with most checking it multiple times throughout the day. Whilst there are options to sell smaller items on a user-to-user basis, you couldn’t imagine someone trying to shift something like a house, right?

You’d actually be surprised at how many different ways people have tried selling their properties on the popular social media platform.

In some ways, it makes sense to use Facebook to advertise your property. With so many people using and seeing your content every day, it’s a good way to get people looking at a property.

While it may be a smart move to create ads for your property, it’s not so wise to actually try and get people to buy it through Facebook itself.

One of the more recent attempts at selling occurred using one of Facebook’s latest features, Facebook Live. A woman from London gave users a virtual tour of her house in an attempt to receive offers in June 2017. Users were able to comment on the live tour of the place and she was taking offer through Facebook Messenger. As of writing, the property still has not sold.

This might not the best idea, but it is a creative way.


Everyone loves a good competition, and there is often a decent prize to be won. So imagine if the prize at stake was actually a house to keep?

We’re not joking.

A homeowner in Aberdeenshire had the crazy idea of offering up her home as part of a crossword competition. This wasn’t just your average property either, but a Georgian mansion worth £1.7 million, boasting 6 bedrooms, tennis courts and a helicopter-landing pad. So it’s safe to say it’d be a pretty nice home to live in.

People could enter the competition by tackling a Christmas themed crossword and entries cost only £25. This was all done with the aim to raise money for charity, so at least the intentions were good.

This isn’t the only occasion where someone has used the medium of competition in order to get rid of their home. Earlier this year, a man decided to raffle off his £175,000 property at £5 per ticket. The idea came after having no luck selling his home for 6 months and he decided to get creative with it. He managed to get a huge response within only 24 hours, so it’s proved to be a successful and certainly unique way.

Imagine winning a house for only a fiver.

There have been multiple cases over the years of people raffling off their home, and it seems to be working surprisingly.


Whenever you want to sell an unwanted/unused item, you’d usually put it up for auction on eBay. You can buy almost anything on the popular website, and people have actually attempted to put their properties up for sale.

Many people have tried to put their homes on eBay, but the website is pretty quick at taking down items that are priced so high. After all, it’s not as if you’re only selling some used clothes. Whilst eBay doesn’t allow bidding on properties, there is a service for paid advertisements for houses and land. We’d suggest you stay away from this technique.

Another popular website for selling various things is Gumtree, and they offer up a similar service. While it costs money to advertise a property on eBay, Gumtree allows users to post their houses and take offers through email for free. Some users have found this is a great way to advertise their property and a cheap way out of doing it yourself.

However, a seller would still need to contact all of the correct authorities for the paperwork and it ends up being more of a hassle than it’s worth.

Try Before You Buy

Purchasing a new house is a big commitment, and it’s tough thinking about whether or not you have made the right decision. This means that some properties might struggle to receive any offers.

Some people have decided to offer up their homes on a “try before you buy” option in a bid to attract more potential buyers. This option can range from allowing people to sleep in the house over the weekend to offering up the property to rent, knocking the rent off of the house price.

This may seem like a crazy idea, but it’s proven to be quite popular. In an age when it can be hard to sell, offering a test drive isn’t the worst idea.


As we’ve seen, selling can sometimes be a tough task. But one solution to this that people have tried over the years is offering “freebies” to help attract buyers.

These incentives can range from iPads to vouchers to a brand new car. Some people really want to sell their house, and will offer anything they can to help speed up the process.

Earlier this year, a firm in London was actually offering a free Renault Zoe electric car to anyone that purchases one of the houses up for sale. Well, if you’ve got the money, it’s not exactly a bad offer.


These are just a few of the weirdest and craziest ways people have attempted to sell their homes. While some of them may have worked, we always suggest that you use professional estate agents to help you with the property selling process.

If you’re interested in selling a property, get in touch today.

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