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What Should You Consider When Relocating?

Moving can be overwhelming when relocating to an area you’re unfamiliar with, but it doesn’t have to be.

With the right planning, enough preparation, and excellent execution of your plans, moving houses can be quick, easy and less daunting. And, so that you do not rue the decision to move, it is crucial to take a few things into consideration.

So, let’s dive in.

First Off, Find Out About Local Schools

The importance of a good education for your children cannot be overstated. Therefore, first ensure that there are good schools near your intended new home before executing the move.

So what about Wrexham? Are there any high-standard schools in the area?

You’re in luck.

Wrexham is home to a number of English medium and Welsh medium primary and secondary schools that are placed high in the green and yellow bands of the Welsh ranking system. For further information, see our simple guide to schools in Wrexham which will provide you with basic information and further links.

It’s Vital You Are Aware of Healthcare Facilities

The presence of healthcare facilities is just as crucial. They are even more important if you have children, are nearing retirement age or you need regular medical care. Easy access to reputable healthcare facilities can significantly improve the quality of your life.

The Wrexham Maelor Hospital is the NHS hospital for the region of North East Wales, so by moving to this area you are sure to be near emergency and other healthcare facilities. There are also a number of local GPs, dentists and opticians dotted throughout the county.

Aside from the facilities available at the Maelor Hospital and local GPs, there are also further specific programmes and awareness groups available for individuals who need them.

A couple of these include Education Programmes for Patients, which focuses on providing self-management and well-being courses for those living with a health condition, and Neurological Alliance Wrexham which revolves around supporting those affected by neurological conditions, improving their services and influencing policy.

And remember, mental health is just as important…

There are services available to cater to helping those who are struggling with their mental health. The Wrexham Community Mental Health Teams provide care and support to assist patients with a positive, recovery led approach to mental illness.

Next, Look Out for Regular Shopping Locations

In all the chaos of actually moving to a new area remember to make sure you’re moving to a place within a reasonable proximity to regular shopping locations. This may be different for different people, but the main shops to consider are grocery stores, which goes without saying, and general supermarkets.

In Wrexham, there are various grocery shops and supermarkets throughout the county, including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and an Asda superstore, which can be accessed via short drive if your new home is not within walking distance. There are many Co-ops for a weekly food shop spread more widely around Wrexham.

Figure Out How You’ll Get to Work or Research Employment Prospects

Another important factor is making sure you’re able to get to work, or, if you’ve moved further than just a few miles, finding employment.

Wrexham and neighbouring Flintshire have reasonable employment rates, with uSwitch reporting that 71% of habitants are employed.

According to the 2011 census, industries with particularly high employment rates of people from Wrexham include: manufacturing, retail, construction, education, transport, human health and social work activities, and public administration.

A number of vacancies in the area are posted on the Wrexham Council jobs page. Alternatively, you can look for job openings in Wrexham and the surrounding area on popular websites like or

By now you’ll be wondering how you can actually get to work if you’re going to be working outside the area.

Wrexham is a well-linked area with regular buses to Chester, therefore those who work or hope to work in this area once making the move to Wrexham will have no problems getting there. There is also a train line to Liverpool Lime Street every half an hour from 6am to 5pm and every hour thereafter from Monday to Saturday, so getting there won’t be a problem. Trains are a little more irregular on Sundays but they do still run throughout the day.

And you don’t just have to rely on public transport.

The area is also close to the A483, making Shropshire, Cheshire and the north west all easily accessible by car.

Consider The Cost of Living

The prices of consumables like groceries varies greatly from town to town. Prices of other necessities such as taxes and utility services also vary considerably. Therefore, it is important to move to an area where you can comfortably live within your means without straining.

Where does Wrexham fare in all of this?

Well, Wales in general has some of the lowest living costs in the UK, and of course Wrexham is no exception to this.

A uSwitch study which last took place in 2015 highlights the quality of life and low cost of living in Wrexham. In the research, Wales was split into 12 areas and findings were based on salaries, disposable incomes, fuel and energy bills, life expectancy, food, and education standards. For example, findings show that the average grocery shop is just £55 per week for a household in Wrexham and Flintshire, and petrol is below the national average at 116p.

But it doesn’t stop there.

The area has gone up 60 places in the ‘best places to live in the UK’ ranking since 2013, and is now placed second in Wales along with Flintshire, indicating that prospects for improvement are even higher.

In addition, News North Wales reported that Wrexham was named one of the top 10 most desirable places to live in North Wales in a survey commissioned by the Royal Mail last year.

Don’t Forget: Leisure Activities Are Needed Too!

Does the new locale have operas, plays, musicals, concerts, sports teams, etc? Some would want to reside near their favourite team or a theatre. If you or a family member has a recreational activity or favourite hobby, ensure you can continue to pursue the same interests in your new home.

For those who love performing, in Wrexham there is the Grove Park Theatre where it is possible to take part in local plays. The vibrant Glyndwr Techniquest is also a favourite of many children in the area.

More of an outdoorsy type?

Your needs can still be catered to. Try visiting the Pontcysylite Aqueduct, Ty Mawr Country Park or Alyn Waters Country Park to name a few.

In terms of night life, there are a few night clubs in the area such as Liquid and Central Station. Central Station doubles as a music venue and has been host to many bands in the modern pop punk scene.

As if that’s not enough…

There are a variety of sporting activities available for all ages, from rugby to karate to fencing; the locations of which can be found on the Wrexham Council website. Wrexham also has its own football club and stadium, and regularly hosts football matches. The stadium can also be used for concerts – a recent Stereophonics gig was the talk of the town.

Popular high street stores like New Look, Debenhams, Burton and Topshop can be found in the Eagles Meadow shopping centre, as well as an Odeon cinema and various well-known restaurants such as Nandos and Pizza Express.

These are only a few of the leisure activities available in Wrexham. As mentioned above, more information regarding where to find sports clubs, drama groups, upcoming events and more can be found on the Wrexham Council website.

Takeaway Points

If you have children or a significant other, take their education, childcare needs, and job into consideration. Check that you are satisfied with all the leisure opportunities available. You might want to get a feel of what it is like to live in the locale before taking your whole family there.

It is crucial to pay attention to the expenses associated with moving. You will also need to figure out if you can afford the cost of living in the new locale. Take into consideration how stable your job will be and how you will get there, as well as the unemployment rate and job prospects in the new place.

Learning about the healthcare facilities available in the area and making sure that they are appropriate for what your family might need is also vital. Remember to consider proximity to regular shopping spots as well.

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