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What Can The Average Wrexham House Price Get You In Other Areas Of The UK?

It’s common knowledge that the type of property you can get for a certain amount of money varies greatly throughout the UK. For example, you might be able to get a 3 bedroom semi-detached house for £125,000 in some areas, but in other locations this could end up costing you £325,000 in other areas.

To show just how much properties can differ, let’s take a look at this property in Wrexham and see just how it compares in terms of price and what you can get for that price in various areas of the country.

This Wrexham-based property is incredibly spacious, has four to five bedrooms, two of which are en-suites, one bathroom and one shower room. Not only that, but but it also comes with approximately three quarters of an acre to the rear. It’s on the market for £475,000.

This is what £475,000 can get you in Wrexham, but what about other locations?


We all know London is an expensive place to live, and this is reflected in how much £475,000 can get for you in the area. In London, this money is most likely to get you a 3 bedroom semi-detached house, like the one shown below.

The house is in South East London, and has three bedrooms, one downstairs bathroom, a conservatory and a small back garden.

It also has fairly close links to schools. Not bad considering how expensive London is, but a lot of money nonetheless.


In Sheffield, you can get a little bit more for your money than you can in London, and you have the benefits of being close to the Peak District.

The above property might be an option. It has three bedrooms, one bathroom and two average sized gardens. However, the type of house you can get for a specific amount of money varies depending on where in Sheffield you go.


In Surrey, you’re likely to get a two bedroom semi detached house for around the same price you could get the Wrexham property.

The cottage above has two bedrooms, a small driveway and garden, along with a downstairs bathroom. Surrey has become quite an costly area over the years, and the price of this property reflects that.


This Devon based city is in a wonderful location, being right next to the south east coastline. But if you had £475,000, what kind of property could you buy to benefit from that ocean air?

You could try a detached bungalow. This particular property has three bedrooms, and is in a semi-rural location. There isn’t quite as much space as the Wrexham property, but still not a bad deal.

And now, what can the general average house price in Wrexham buy you in other areas?

Wrexham To Elsewhere…

According to Rightmove, the average selling price for a property in Wrexham is £164,571. But what could this money get you in other areas of the UK if you decided to pack up and move away? Here, we take a look at some other areas of the country to find out just that…


Properties in Newcastle-upon-tyne are slightly more expensive than those in Wrexham, with the overall average selling price being £192,717. It might seem like there can’t be that much difference in what types of properties you can get with this money due to the similarity in price, but just what can Wrexham’s average of £164,000 get you in Newcastle?

As it turns out, there’s a little bit of a difference between what you can get in Newcastle versus what you can get in Wrexham for that price. In Newcastle, terraced houses and two-bedroom flats (the living room of one of these can be seen above) seem to be the most common properties at this price, with the occasional two to three bedroom semi-detached house.

In Wrexham, this money can get you a three-bedroom detached property. Of course, what you go for depends on your personal preference.


While Scotland does tend to be a cheaper place to live when taking into account house prices in other areas of the UK, some parts of Scotland are indeed more expensive. For example, in Aberdeen, houses have been selling for an average of £201,774. So, when moving to the area from Wrexham, this is what you could get…

Properties in Aberdeen for this price can range from a one bedroom flat to a two bedroom maisonette to a two bedroom detached home. The two bedroom flat shown above is based in Denwood, Aberdeen.


Altrincham is another area you may consider moving to. While in Wrexham you can get a three bedroom detached house – or even a four bedroom semi-detached in some cases – for £164,000, the same is not the case for Altrincham, where the cost of housing is higher.

In the area, you are more likely to get a one or two bedroom apartment for the same price, as seen above.


Cornwall is a very popular holiday destination and has a good reputation for being so. Some might even consider moving there. But if moving from Wrexham, there could be a difference in the type of property you would be able to buy.

Two to three bedroom terraced houses are most common at the £164,000 – £170,000 price range, such as the one illustrated above. In all fairness, this property includes reasonably spacious accommodation for its location and has the option for coastal walks if that’s your cup of tea.


London properties are always being compared to those elsewhere in the country, but it’s still interesting to know what you could get if you sold your property in Wrexham and decided to relocate to the famous city.

In most cases, £164,571 is just under what you need for a studio or one-bedroom flat in London. The above flat is £165,000 and based in East Ham, London.

While there is the benefit of being close to the buzzing capital city, the properties for this price tend to be a little smaller and more compact than they might be in other areas.

Elsewhere to Wrexham

Now to reverse the scenario – if you sold your property in another area of the UK, what could the money you get from sale buy you in Wrexham? Here are a few examples….


To most of us, it comes as no surprise that in London the average price for a house is a massive £580,000. That’s over £300,000 more than the average of the UK as a whole, which currently stands at around £217,000.

In Wrexham, the £580,000 that you get from selling your property in London could end up buying you this five-bedroom, three-bathroom, three-storey (not including the lower ground level) luxury detached house.

The outstanding property has the flexibility to convert the extra bedrooms into a reception or a study, and also has a double garage. And the best part? It’s cheaper than your average London house by £5,000.


Famed for its prestigious university, in Cambridge the average selling price for a home is £470,000, with semi-detached properties being the most expensive at £520,800. If you were to sell your Cambridge property and move to Wrexham, you could get significantly more for your money…

This five-bedroom, two-bathroom, two-reception property to be exact.

Located on the outskirts of Wrexham in the village of Hope, you would also have the benefit of a large back garden and a rural feel. The location of the property is also very convenient as there are a number of doctors surgeries, schools and shops close by.


Moving further up north, Wilmslow in Cheshire has an average house price of £413,403. It’s likely that it being part of Cheshire’s Golden Triangle has something to do with this, but what can you get in Wrexham for this amount of money?

If you decided to sell up and buy in Wrexham, that £413,000 could get you a six bedroom property with an adjoining three bedroom cottage in the stunning Llangollen, not too far from Wrexham.

You could even convert it into a bed and breakfast to have your own business and bring in your own income if desired. It’s also a lot cheaper!


In York, the average selling price for a home is £248,295 – nearly £100,000 more than Wrexham. What’s more is if you were to move to York from Wrexham, £164,000 would get you two to three bedroom house or apartment – surely the money you get from a sale in York can get you something even bigger if you chose to move to Wrexham?

Good news – it can. The four bedroom property shown above is located in Brymbo, Wrexham, and is very well presented. Featuring four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a recently fitted kitchen, it also features far reaching views.

In addition, it’s well below the average asking price for York, being on the market for around £205,000.


Going even further up north into Scotland, prices have actually risen over the past year by 4.6 per cent. This rise was even larger in Edinburgh, where prices increased by 11.8 per cent – bringing the average house price up to £240,978.

Again, what does £240,000 price range get you in Wrexham?

For another £5,000 you could get this four bedroom, three storey detached house in the favoured residential area of Acton. It has two reception rooms as well as a spacious lounge and dining room, and features a bespoke design from the first owner.

Aside from being a wonderful property in itself, it also has links to the local town and the A483 network and beyond.