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Make The Most Out Of Your Spare Room

Spare rooms in a house will often be used as a spare bedroom. Never used frequently, but always ready in case of a guest. While this is a good idea, you could be doing so much more with that room.


You could be using this room for anything you want; after all it is your house.

We’ve decided to take a look at some of the ways you could shake things up in that spare room and how to make the most out of your space.

Home Office/Study

A spare room could be the perfect space to set up a home office or a study.

If you work from home, you know how hard it can be to separate your home life from your work. Turning your spare room into a home office can give you a dedicated space to get on with important work and stop you being distracted by the temptation of turning on the TV.

To transform the space into your own home office, you will need a comfy chair, desk, computer, printer and a good Wi-Fi connection. Investing in a chair that feels good to sit in will help you in the long run; trust us.

Walk-In Wardrobe

Most of us picture having a walk-wardrobe filled with all of our clothes and shoes in our dream house when we’re younger. It seems like an essential when thinking about our ideal home, but there is often no space for this kind of wardrobe in your average home.

But what if you could still achieve this without comprising bedroom space?

If you are a fan of clothes and shoes, a walk-in wardrobe is the perfect way for you to utilise the spare room in your home.

Art Studio

Here’s one for the creative types.

An art studio is a fantastic use of the space for anyone who regularly loves to paint or someone looking to dedicate more time to creativity. Having a place to get away and create to your heart’s content sounds ideal, doesn’t it?

All you need for an art studio is storage for your materials, good lighting and an open space to get messy. If you’re looking at a cost effective way to fill your spare room, this is a good option.

Home Gym

Ideally, we’d all love to be able to hit the gym all the time and be at the peak of fitness, but it’s hard trying to find the time.

This is where the home gym idea starts to become a reality. Having your own private gym in your house is a great way of getting a workout in whatever time suits you. Whether it’s late at night and the crack of dawn, a home gym gives you the luxury of always being open. Another benefit of having your own gym is you don’t have to pay for a membership. While the initial costs are more, it will pay off in the long run.

A home gym starter pack could include a treadmill, cross trainer, mats and some weights. You can build it custom to your needs, depending on the type of workout you prefer. When building a home gym, it’s always important to make sure the floor is strong enough for the equipment and there is good ventilation as it’s going to get very, very hot in there.

Music Room

Carrying on with the creative theme, a music room is ideal for both the casual player and the dedicated expert.

Whether you’re a fan of playing music or simply listening, a room dedicated to music could be a great idea. If you’re a musician, you now have a place to permanently set up your gear without the risk of being stepped on or messed with in other areas of the house. The likes of guitars and amps aren’t exactly cheap, so being able to store your equipment in a space away from the kids will go a long way in protecting them. Throw in some rugs and a stool and you’re good to go, a musician’s haven.

If you’re just a music lover, treat this space as your little get away. You could install a good sound system and maybe even a record player for all you vinyl lovers. It could be a great place to store all of the CDs and records that are taking up space elsewhere and have them all in one place.


Do you ever wish you had a quiet, peaceful setting to enjoy a good book?

Now you’ve got one!

If you’re a book lover, convert your spare room into your own personal library. Your collection is likely to grow and grow so why not be ready for it and have a room dedicated to storing your books. All you need to add is a comfy chair (or bean bag) and you’re ready to lose yourself in a good book.

Home Theatre/Cinema

Now here’s something for the movie lovers.

If you’ve got the spare room, why not turn it into your own personal cinema?

We all know that watching films on your TV just doesn’t compare to the thrill of seeing it on the wide screen. So why not try and replicate that at home?

For a home theatre, you’ll need either a large TV or a projector and a screen to go with it. You’ll also likely need a DVD/Blu-Ray player or a computer and a good sound system to capture that cinema surround sound. Add in a mini fridge and some snacks and you’ve got the perfect movie setting without leaving the comfort of your home.

Kids Room

Here’s something for the kids.

Dedicating your spare room to a play area for your kids can free up potential space over the rest of the house from being littered with toys. By providing your kids with a place to play, it will (hopefully) keep areas like the living room and bathroom mess free.

To create your kids room, you’ll likely need some funky wallpaper, soft carpet with equally funky design, storage tubs/boxes to keep toys, bean bags, shelves for books and maybe even a ball pit.


Another option is to turn your spare room into a sophisticated hangout where you can enjoy a drink at the end of the week.

You could create your dream bar, stocked all of your favourite drink choices and a set of beautiful leather furniture to add some class. Having your own bar can provide you with a perfect place to invite friends over and the best part is, you’ll never have to wait to be served.


As you can see, there are definitely a lot of alternatives uses for a spare room. These are just some ideas you could try out, find the best one that suits you and make it your own.

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