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How To Take Good Property Photographs

In the property game it’s all about the pictures.

When selling your home you want to attract as many potential buyers as possible to ensure that it is sold quickly. Nowadays buyers are far more likely to view properties online before actually booking a viewing, and with the popularity of Right Move and Zoopla there is plenty of opportunity for you to show off your home. However, in order to make sure you get those viewings, good quality photos of your property are essential.

First impressions are extremely important and many people make sweeping judgement based on the first picture they see. With so many houses to chose from why would anyone continue looking at a property when the first picture looks like the owners have got squatters.

Nobody is going to buy a house without seeing it, unless it’s a ridiculous bargain or they have plans to redevelop it. For everyone else a viewing is essential, so how do you make sure that your house is on their shortlist?

Before you’ve taken you’re first photo, here are a few basics that you need to get right.

A Good Quality Camera is an Essential

You can’t take good quality photos without the help of a good quality camera. Getting the right gear is also important, however you only need to buy what you need – don’t go overboard. Ideal equipment to invest in includes a wide-angle lens for more appealing shots and a bounce flash for lighting.

If you don’t have a steady hand or just want to make sure you take the best photos you can, consider using a tripod. These can come reasonably cheap and will allow you to take sharper photos that are more pleasing to the eye.

Good Lighting & Good Weather are Both Equally Important

Natural lighting is the best type of lighting when taking photos of your property during daylight hours. Overcast skies are even better as the lighting makes the windows and rooms look bright in a way that isn’t overwhelming. In terms of exterior shots, nice weather can make the property look warm and appealing, therefore attracting more buyers.

In addition, even if it is daytime outside, turning on every single light in the house also makes it look more comforting and inviting, something that people look for in a home.

Use Camera Angles to Your Advantage

A wide-angle lens enables you to take photos of an entire room instead of just certain parts of it, therefore making your home more attractive to buyers as spacious rooms tend to look better in photos. It’s also crucial to keep the camera straight as otherwise the walls and furniture can appear slanted and ruin the effect of the photo.

Capturing images from the doorway lets you show off as much of the room as possible, while taking photos from a kneeling position can make the room look bigger and show all it has to offer. Try a mixture of these two techniques to really show off your property.

Clear the Clutter & Set the Scene

Clutter is very distracting and doesn’t allow viewers to actually see the space. They want to be able to see themselves living in the house, and they can’t do that if the photos are of rooms full of clutter which get in the way of their vision. Make sure to clear any worktops or desks that may detract from the house itself.

Staging is another way in which you can help potential buyers visualise themselves living in your property. Although it should still look lived in, it’s best to put away any of the most personal touches, wipe down the worktops and show off all the rooms in the best way you can. For example, you could set the table in the dining room to demonstrate the function of the room and show it at its finest.

Emphasise the Best Features

You want to make your property capture as much attention as possible, and the ideal way to do this is through emphasising the best features. This usually means capturing individual features which embody the character of the house, for example interesting moulding or a 19th century fireplace. Taking just one or two of these shots is ideal.

Furthermore, adding a spot of bright colour to a photo with a neutral background, whether it be flowers or a bowl of fruit, can also make the images stand out and appeal to more buyers.

Making good use of property photography can have a significant impact on viewing numbers, so use it to your advantage and be sure to learn all you can about making your photos stand out in a way that is attractive to buyers, and you will sell your property in no time.

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