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The Simple Guide To Schools In Wrexham

When moving to a new area with your children, you want to ensure they are going to be happy and are getting the best standard of education available that leaves them with many opportunities.

Schools in Wales are ranked by a ‘traffic lights’ banding system, with highly effective schools being categorised as green, effective schools as yellow, those in need of improvement as amber, and those in need of greatest improvement as red.

Primary Schools

Wrexham has an exceptional amount of highly effective and effective primary schools. Such schools include Barker’s Lane County Primary, The Rofft County Primary, St Peter’s School and Johnstown Infants School.

The schools mentioned above have all been named as highly inclusive by Estyn, and all pupils are treated fairly and with care, with diversity heavily respected and promoted. The reports also mention that pupils feel safe and happy, therefore it is safe to say that your child will be welcomed warmly to Wrexham by teachers and other children alike. It’s also ensured that they will continue to be surrounded by caring, encouraging people to help them settle in.

These schools provide engaging and motivating learning experiences for all pupils to ensure all needs are met with many educational visits available. As well as this, despite many schools being English-medium Welsh is still brought into the curriculum and taught from an early age.

Levels are high in terms of attainment, with over 84% of children reaching expected outcomes in the foundation phase. This then increases to around 90% reaching expected levels in core subjects by year 6, demonstrating the exemplary standard of education in Wrexham no matter where in the area you move.

Secondary Schools

Wrexham and the surrounding area is home to a number of highly effective and effective secondary schools. These include St. Joseph’s Catholic and Anglican High, the Maelor School and the Welsh-medium Ysgol Morgan Llywd. At Key Stage 3 level, each centre has over 80% of students achieving the outcomes expected of them. This high level of attainment continues at GCSE, where all of these schools have a larger proportion of students achieving grades A*-C in core subjects than the Welsh average. Science is a particularly strong subject throughout Wrexham.

Academic achievement continues throughout various sixth forms in the area, with no school having less than 93% of pupils passing at least two A Levels in 2015. University applicants need not worry, as they will without a doubt receive the standard of education they need in order to reach their goals and get into higher education.

These impressive grades reflect the high level of teaching in certain schools, with many teachers planning lessons carefully in order to make sure they are interesting for all, and that their students make the desired progress and reach their full potential.

A caring and supportive learning environment is apparent, with good relationships between teachers and pupils and equal opportunities for all – if you are worried about your child finding it difficult to start at a new school, you can be rest assured that they will receive all the help and guidance they will need. In addition, the Estyn reports of most schools indicate that pupils feel safe and believe their school deals well with bullying. Appropriate support for those with additional learning needs is also available in most schools throughout Wrexham.

In addition, the Yale campus of Coleg Cambria is in Wrexham. As part of the college of north east wales, it offers numerous courses, whether it’s Childcare or Public Services or anything else that you’re looking for. For more information, see here.

For a full list of Estyn reports for primary schools, go here, and for secondary schools, click here. Summarised information for all schools can be viewed here. A list of schools and their band can be viewed on the ITV News website.
– Numbers on the map indicate how many schools are in that specific area.

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