Month: July 2017

Does Leaving Plugs In Use Electricity? Myth Busting & Other Energy Saving Tips

In this day and age, saving energy is a big deal and every penny counts. We’d all like to say we are wary of this and try our best to be energy efficient, but that’s not quite the case. You can admit it, you’ve left lights on when you’ve gone out before or took forever…
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Legendary Gigs In & Around The Wrexham Area

Going to concerts is an amazing experience. Seeing your favourite bands live in the flesh is a feeling you can only describe by actually being there. Some of these moments will stay with you for the rest of your life, and you look back at them with fond memories. In the history books, most gigs…
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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Property Viewing

Viewing a property can be nerve racking and stressful, it can also be great fun and very exciting. You’ll probably look at a lot of places and they’ll eventually blend into one. You’re then expected to choose one, and that can be tough when you can’t differentiate between one and the other. We understand how…
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