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We offer a complete and comprehensive range of property auction services for buyers and sellers including both the traditional and modern methods of auction.


This is the type of auction that people think of when they think of auctions; a room full of buyers and a hammer at the end. It is a tried and tested method associated mainly with selling and buying investment stock. Due to more restrictive timeframes to exchange contracts and complete the sale, this type of auction often attracts “cash-buyers”.


This is a more accessible route and is our main method of auction. Modern method of auction creates a transparent platform for buyers and sellers combining the best aspects of traditional auction and private treaty sales. We offer more realistic yet fixed timescales, opening up the market place for buyers and sellers looking to arrange mortgages as their method of payment. The exchange of contracts has 28 days to take place from the solicitor’s receipt of draft contracts, whereas with traditional auctions, the exchange of contracts will usually take place as soon as the buyer has won the bid.

The modern method of auction opens the auction market (once reserved for the professional investor or cash-ready buyer) up to residential buyers, creating a larger market place and more interest and activity than traditional auctions. It is the preferred route for buying and selling via auction and has changed the perception of auction in the last decade.


Buying property at auction is not just for the experienced investor looking for their next renovation project. It is now often the preferred route for those looking for their ideal property due to the accessibility and benefits that the modern auction process offers, namely the speed and security. Below are just some of the advantages of using our modern method of auction service that specifically benefit buyers looking for that additional peace of mind.

  • A fixed date to buy & move
    These realistic yet fixed timescales are set from the start to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible to time frames that benefit all.
  • You can buy with a mortgage
    Due to our exchange and completion time frames, the auction route is accessible to all buyers who need the time to organise their finances and arrange a mortgage on the property they wish to buy, meaning we don’t just cater to cash-ready investors.
  • Bid online 24/7
    Our unique online platform allows you to bid remotely on a property of interest. We don’t just hold public events, we run online auctions alongside these. You can also bid by phone – whatever is best for you and to avoid you missing out on the property you want!


Common misconceptions portray auction as a dated and limiting process for selling property, namely for run-down stock and cash ready investors.

Times have changed and the methods of auction have evolved! We offer both traditional and modern methods with flexible routes for sellers looking to sell quickly, heighten interest in their property and/or add security to the process that the open market may not be able to offer. Below are just some of the benefits of our service that specifically help sellers looking for that additional peace of mind.

  • 0% commission to sell
    A no sale, no fee basis; nothing to pay to enter your property into one of our auctions and nothing to pay whether your property sells or not.
  • The security of a non-refundable reservation fee or deposit
    Buyers pay this to secure your property, so you can be sure they are committed to the sale.
  • An undisclosed reserve price
    This figure is set separately to your marketing price to ensure you reach a value you are happy for the property to sell for.
  • A fixed date to sell & move
    These realistic yet fixed timescales are set from the start, to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible to time frames that benefit all.
  • Greater levels of interest & viewings
    Your property will naturally receive greater exposure from our website, a national auction site, and the online bidding facility which is accessible 24/7. This will significantly increase interest around your property, resulting in more viewings and bids on your lot.
  • Achieve market value
    Due to increased activity, a competitive bidding war may ensue to win your property, naturally driving up the final selling price, achieving the best price possible for you.

If this sounds like something that would interest you, please call our Auction Department on 01978 800186 to speak with one of our Auction Specialists without obligation or speak to your local branch. They have the experience and know-how to get you from start to sold in a transparent and seamless process.


The buzz of the auction room combined with the advantages of an online auction – this is what we are offering our buyers and sellers. By utilising cutting edge technology and user experience, our online auctions offer a twenty first century way to buy or sell property. With real time updates, 24/7 bidding, and useful tools such as setting a maximum bid for automated bidding, the online auction is a modern and easily accessible way to maximise interest in your property and achieve a fast, secure sale. Benefits include:

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week bidding
  • Fast and secure
  • Agree start and end dates
  • Transparency
  • Track and view previous bids
  • Generates competitive bidding
  • The combination of technology and marketing exposure gives the perfect balance to selling your property fast and at a good price.

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